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 ====== About this website ====== ====== About this website ======
-This is a wiki (a collaborative website ​that anyone may edit) dedicated to sharing information and ideas regarding ​"clumped isotopes".+Clumpy Wiki is a collaborative website dedicated to sharing information and ideas regarding clumped isotopes. 
 +A wiki is a website that allows easy creation, editing and browsing of interlinked web pages via a web browser, using a simplified markup language (that definition was stolen from [[http://​​wiki/​Wiki|Wikipedia]],​ which is itself a rather large wiki). 
 +Clumpy Wiki runs on a piece of software called [[http://​​DokuWiki|DokuWiki]],​ which supports some simple markup language and tries to make the datafiles as readable as possible. The [[wiki:​syntax]] section contains all possible syntax you may use when editing the pages. 
 +This wiki is currently maintained by Mathieu Daëron ([[]]). Anybody may browse the contents of this website, but only registered users may edit the information presented here. To register, just send an email to [[]] including your name. You should be able to contribute to the wiki within a few hours of registration. 
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